Tommy Gadius

Coffee Making Starter Pack

The cheapest way to make great coffee

1. Grinder

Probably the single most important piece of coffee making equipment. Burr grinders (which crush the beans) while much more expensive than blade grinders (which cut the beans) are a much better investment as the added heat from cutting the beans can burn them and greatly affect the taste. Electric burr grinders can get extremely expensive, so start with a hand grinder for a cheap intro.

2. Aeropress

The aeropress is the cheapest, easiest way to make great coffee. Because it brews coffee under a slightly greater pressure, it'll make a strong, not too bitter cup.

3. Cold Brew

If you love the taste of coffee but the acidity is too rough on your stomach, try cold brew. It'll take 24 hours to prepare, but do it once and you'll have coffee for the rest of the week.

4. Travel Mug

This is my favorite travel mug as it is nearly impossible to spill. Also, it does what every travel mug does, keep your coffee warm.

5. Coffee Beans

I recommend getting your coffee beans from a local shop as they will be roasted more recently, but for their convenience, these beans are great.
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