Sam Jackson

Cheap Outdoors Activities in San Francisco

Save your money for rent

1. Disc Golf in Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park has an 18 hole course that's free for anyone. You may have to wait a few minutes to play on the weekend, but even then it's usually not too crowded. Discs start at around $10 and if you're a beginner you really only need one.

2. Croquet

There are enough parks in the city that you should be able to set up almost anywhere. I prefer the lawn in front of the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park.

3. Crabbing off the piers

There are two public piers in San Francisco that you can crab or fish from without a license -- one near the Golden Gate Bridge and one near the Ramp (great bar/restaurant) in Mission Bay. When you do catch some crabs it's a good idea to make sure they are legal -- while you don't need a license, conservation restrictions still apply.

4. Kadema at Baker Beach

I'd also recommend grabbing a grill -- first come first serve though so get there early.

5. Volleyball in Mission Bay

It's a little known fact, but there is an awesome beach volleyball court underneath the overpass in Mission Bay Park (added perk: it's also not that far from the Ramp)

6. Golf in Golden Gate Park

There's a 9-hole par three course near the beach in Golden Gate Park that is surprisingly well maintained and under $30 (including club rental). Buy some balls ahead of time and use the savings on a few PBR tallboys from the clubhouse.

7. Birdwatching on Hawk Hill

They don't call it Hawk Hill for nothing. As long as it's not miserably foggy you're guaranteed to see at least a couple dozen hawks out hunting.

8. Skimboarding at Ocean Beach

At low tide Ocean Beach has a huge amount of skim-able surf. If you can get out there on a warm day, or are tougher than I am, you'll have the whole beach to yourself.
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