Tech Bro Chic

Trends seen around the Bay

1. boosted board

for the intrepid tech bro who doesn't want to sacrifice speed for style and portability

2. apple watch

if you have disposable income and need to be the trendiest Apple fanboy on the block

3. razor scooter

an alternative mode of transportation for the money-conscious
unorthodox colors optional, but recommended

4. fitbit

you don't even care about being 'fit', you just like metrics
and to look trendy

5. hoverboard

another alternative (or additional) mode of transportation for the tech bro
not for those who care about speed or actually want to imagine they're marty mcfly

6. pepper spray

for protection against the uninitiated
or the homeless

7. oculus vr

sometimes you need to escape from reality

8. plain white t shirt

classic and versatile
buy in bulk
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