Legal intoxicants you haven't tried

And probably for good reason.

1. Salvia

You've probably heard of this one, but have wisely been too afraid to try it. Although the videos of terrified teens being eaten by their car seats do look like a good time, there's probably a reason this hasn't caught on enough to be banned in earnest.

2. Betel nuts

These nuts very popular in parts of East Asia and Africa. Chewing these is mildly stimulating and majorly carcinogenic. As a nice bonus, they stain your teeth bright red.

3. Nicotine gum

Why try the disease when you can go straight for the cure?

4. Wormwood

The active ingredient in absinthe, it seems to have interesting effects when consumed in raw form as well. Wikipedia says that it can cause "epileptic-like convulsions and kidney failure", anyway.

5. Coca leaves

Used in the production of the illegal and not-orderable-on-Amazon intoxicant cocaine. But, on Amazon you can try it in the raw form, before they add the kerosene. Like the Betel nut in Asia, this is chewed recreationally as a mild stimulant in many parts of South America.

6. Horny goat weed

A completely different kind of stimulant.
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