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Make wall art one of your priorities in designing your home

Putting wall art is often the last choice for many in doing their interior design, but on this post, Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants names wall art as one of the priorities. Here are some good thoughts about choosing a wall art that can suit your current space and provide a more harmonious feeling to your house:

Firstly, choose a wall art that you love and have a genuine appreciation for it, and that art piece could be a stimulus in determining your room’s color palette. Knowing the color palette of your interior design often takes a lot of time because you’re having a hard time deciding, so with something to derive your color palette on, things will then get easier. Choose at least two or three shades from the wall art and select the dominant color and other shades that you would like to make as accents.

Put items in your room that match to those colors. You can use mobile applications that can help you identify the corresponding shades of paint to specific colors. And if you seek more professional approach, contact a good art consultant like Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants.

Secondly, a wall art can fill the position of the “central point” of a room. When you enter a room, there’s an element that will draw you into its presence, and a wall art can be that design element. It can be the main focus of the entire room or a huge space. But remember its size also holds huge importance and if it is too big or too small, it might not bring a good feeling to your visitors, so you must determine the right measurements first.

Thirdly, a wall art can bring out the sense of texture. You can also put different forms of art to help provide a varying sense of texture to particular room space. In order to have more depth to a room, consider adding sculptures or shadow boxes in your interior design. You can be certain of more visual weight to your interiors with those extra bits of texture.

Lastly, putting a wall art can also provide a feeling of completion. This piece of art can pull a space together and make it feel complete. Choose a wall art that could blend beautifully to your chosen decorating style for your interior.

Having the chance to decorate a room gives an exciting feeling, but you better remember that above that anticipation, you should not forget about the good role a wall art can give. If properly done, wall hangings can bring a good framework in your house, and as mentioned before, it can be a focal point in planning the rest of the elements to be used in a room. Art is such a good topic, discuss your art thoughts with Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants and gather more expert advice.
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