Ross Mower

Rippin' Lips

Your complete list for netting your next big brown trout fish!

1. Shimazaki Fly Fishing Dry Shake Fly Floatant Original

Keeps those dry flies riding high for when you see the trout fish sipping

2. 36Pieces Dry Fly, Wet Fly and Nymph Fly Lure Assotment + Fly Box

Streamer, nymph, dries, and even egg patterns! Lets go salmon!!

3. Fly Fishing - Thingamabobber Strike Indicator (GLOW IN THE DARK)

Glow in the dark in case your doing some moonlight fishing because thats when the real swampdonkeys come out.

4. A River Runs through It and Other Stories, Twenty-fifth Annivers

In case the fishing is terrible or you need a little refresher

5. Rio Fluoroflex Trout Knotless 9ft Leader LineWeight 5x 0.006in 0

Tangless are going to happen. A three pack at least!

6. Coors Banquet Beer, 18 pack, 12 oz Bottles

If nothing else, you will at least catch a buzz!
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