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Ten Awesome Anti Trump Stickers

People really, really don't like this guy...

We scoured the ends of the internet (ok, mostly Amazon) for the best anti-trump bumper stickers and decals. This was not easy -- there are A LOT of stickers out there. Some are clever, others not so much, but they are all bound by a common theme: people really hate President Donald J Trump!

Hopefully you find these useful in staging your own act of #resistance, and please suggest additions if you see quality stickers we missed!

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1. Color Comedy Sticker Anti Donald Trump Vladimir Putin Make Russi

This sticker is becoming more and more relevant by the day. How deep does this Trump, Putin, Russia rabbit hole go?

2. Don't Agonize - ORGANIZE! Anti Trump Color Sticker

Great sticker, with some sensible advice. More than anything else right now, it pays to be organized, deliberate, and persistent. Consider calling your congress person, look into your local Indivisible chapter, and donate to the institutions under attack that need it most!

3. Ghostbusters Anti Trump Stickers, Set of 5

Can we get these in sets of 100 please?

4. Dump Trump Anti Trump Sticker

This sums things up nicely... if only Facebook would get their act together and finally add the much requested dislike button.

5. No Trump Bumper Sticker

A twist on the classic Coexist bumper sticker, this "No Trump" parody is sure to rile up some Trump supporters if they see it. Be careful out there!

6. Hindsight 2020 Anti Donald Trump Bumper Sticker

It doesn't have to be 2020 for hindsight to be 20-20, it seems pretty clear this was a terrible mistake (that most of us saw coming). Fingers crossed we don't have to wait four whole years to fix this mess.

7. Drain the Swamp Impeach Trump Sticker

This one's so over the top that we had to include it. If there ever was a swamp creature, it's Donald Trump.

8. Dump Trump Make America Great Again

For all the problems around the "Make America Great Again" slogan, when put in the context of dumping/impeaching Trump, it kind of has a ring to it...

9. Nazi Trump and Putin 2016

We've got it all here: Russia and Putin, hate, and a casual Nazi swastika thrown in. You have to commit if you're going to put this one on your car. Looking at you Antifa members.

10. 1984 Ignorance Is Strength Anti Trump Sticker

A classic quote from a classic novel that perfectly captures Trump's life philosophy. Let's take the lessons from George Orwell's 1984 to heart.
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