Top 5 Sega Genesis games from Amazon

The "everything" store has these relics just waiting to be picked up!

Hello everyone and welcome to a bit of a retro top 5 list here at RogueCart!

We picked 5 juicy Genesis games that you can currently find at amazon.com - if you grew up in the 90's then be ready for some nostalgia kicking in!

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1. Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is not my favorite Genesis game of all time... but it's darn close! It was an addictive, fast, rollercoaster that got me hooked for hours!

2. Disney's Aladdin

There's no love like your first love! Aladdin was the first videogame I ever played and I loved every single second of it. It perfectly captured the magic of the movie it was inspired on and took you on a journey through the streets of Agrabah. I can still hum the main theme on queue.

3. Earthworm Jim

The first game that felt outrageous to me (in a good way)! Earthworm Jim was like nothing I had tried before and I think it's still the best game that ever came out on Genesis.

4. Road Rash III

Road Rash III has to feature in this list. It answered the eternal question any 7 year old would pose upon seeing a motorbike chase: why aren't they kicking each other?

5. Mortal Kombat II

One word: fatality.
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