The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtracks, Ranked

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1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack

The original soundtrack, with all the songs as you remember them from the movie, is tough to top. Number one pick!

2. The Rocky Horror Show: Original Roxy Cast

This version features recordings made by the cast for the LA stage production. More rock n roll and honky tonk than the original, the songs are higher tempo and higher energy than what you hear in the film. Also includes some extras like a solo from Brad in "Over at the Frankenstein Place."

All around, a really solid record, fans of the film, you've gotta hear this take on the songs.

3. The Rocky Horror Show (Original 1973 London Cast - Rhino)

This is the recording for the original stage production, made a few years before the release of the movie in a single day. As you might expect, it's a little raw. The production quality is low, and some might argue the extra couple years of practice did the performers good.

That being said, any real fan should take a listen to the genesis of RHPS -- and may even end up preferring it.

4. Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show

Covers of all the Rocky Horror classics from punk bands like Alkaline Trio, Pansy Division, the Ataris, and lots more. It delivers on what it promises -- this is a really cool reimagining of the soundtrack. A must listen, even though it arrives at #4 on the list.
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