The Best The Rocky Horror Picture Show Prints and Posters

I see you shiver with antici... pation

1. This still from Rocky's "unveiling"

Is there a more perfectly framed still out there? If there is I haven't found it.

2. This Japanese version of the poster

The Japanese version captures the horror sci-fi feel of the movie in a way that I adore. Also, as I'm no expert in Japanese, I'm intrigued by the caption reading "japanesejapanesejapSEXjapanesejapanese."

3. This original comic art

An awesome original print, love this artist's style.

4. Alternative US movie poster

I love this campy version of the movie poster featuring "Lotsa Larfs & Sex" and "Parties." It might be cheesy, but it makes me smile.

5. Awesome original print

So. Good. I'm not sure if the artist is in any way officially sanctioned to sell this art, and honestly I don't really care because this is an awesome work.

6. Tim Curry in all his glory

Look at those LEGS! Tim Curry at his weird and sexy best.

7. The original movie poster

The original movie poster in all its glory, what could be more iconic than this??

8. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Broadway) Poster

It's not the movie, but it nails the look

9. The movie B poster

<3 for the kickline

10. Final scene still

Tim Curry at his most vulnerable -- heartbreaking!
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