Future Shock

12 YA Books about the future that we'd better pay attention to

YA Authors know what they are talking about. Some of the books are old, some are new, but each predicts something about the future which has or probably will, unfortunately, happen!

1. Unwind (Unwind Dystology)

If you haven't read this, prepared to be stunned. And make sure you read all four books and the short story collection. Shusterman predicts a world of parting out teenagers for replacement body parts after a war between pro-choice and pro-life forces. He also talks about printing human organs. SO much more heavy stuff in these books. I could talk about them for days!

2. Extras (Uglies)

This is the 4th book in the series - go ahead and read them all. But what I really love about this one is that way before Twitter, it predicts a world where people receive monetary remuneration based on how often their name is said out loud. This creates a society where people stand around in crowds chanting names just to move up in the rankings.

3. The Future We Left Behind

Second book in the Human.4 series. The crazy thing about this offering is that the main character is mad because her father spent all of his time, money, and power creating a mechanical replacement for bees instead of trying to correct the problems that lead to the demise of bees in the first place. Shame!

4. Hungry

In this world a corporation created not only a liquid that provides all nutritional needs, but it also includes an appetite suppressant, eliminating the human desire to actually eat food. Food has actually been declared illegal, because it was a poor use of acreage that could be used instead for housing and development. Unfortunately, a few people are not affected by the suppressant, including the main character.

5. The Always War

For generations, war has only been waged by drones of various sizes from small to jumbo. The main character stows away on a drone and what she finds out when she arrives in enemy territory is that the whole war has been one big fat lie.

6. Epic

Welcome to the futre where the world is governed through computer games. The higher your level in the game, the better your life is on the outside. So everyone pores all of their time and energy into the games and their characters, allowing the government free reign on their reality. But what happens when a desperate young man chooses charisma over strength? All three books in this series have their own spots of brilliance.

7. Wither

A generation ago, mankind cured cancer. Unfortunately, that generation's children are dying young and no one can figure out how to fix it. Young women are both valuable and expendable as the rich gather harems in order to procreate, while thugs kidnap the prettiest and discard the rest in order to pander to the rich.

8. Starters

Scientists have perfected the technology to allow young people to temporarily rent their bodies and act as hosts for older people looking for adventure. The main character discovers that her body is being used in a way that she didn't sign up for (get your mind out of the gutter!).

9. Little Brother

Wherever you go you are supposed to carry your RFID card so that the government can track your moves. So, reach out your hand and keeping exchanging cards with strangers, all day long and no one will know who actually is where. But if the goverment gets its hands on you, you'd better watch out.

10. The Shadow Children Series

In the future, having a third child is illegal. No exceptions. So those third children who are produced are kept locked indoors, hidden, afraid of discovery. But what if they find each other, band together, and demand to be recognized?

11. The Unidentified

When the government can no longer afford to run the schools, corporations take over. Classes and status are based on corporate branding and your number of followers.

12. Gifted

Someone has perfected the algorithm where everyone is forced to pay for playing every piece of music, making cover bands or jamming with your friends illegal activities. There are so many clever things about this book. For example, school is SQEWL (Special Quality Education for WorkForce Life) and one of the maincharacters goes to the "Kardashian SQEWL for Future Celebutantes". There is also a riff on Amazon.
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