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Essentials for Chemical-free, Organic Weed Killing

Because who needs more chemicals in their life?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you must have heard that Glyphoste, the main ingredient in non-selective weed controls like Roundup, is everywhere. It's on produce, it's in oatmeal, and last I heard, it's even made its way in to wine. While its carcinogenic properties are still up for debate, you may want to check out safer alternatives.

We use both Avenger and Burnout for our clients' weedkilling needs my business, Organic Lawn LLC, and I can personally vouch for their effectiveness. If you're located in the greater Bozeman, MT area and looking for professional assistance with your organic lawncare needs we'd be happy to help, otherwise this list should get you started on the essentials for DIY care.

1. Avenger Organics Weed Killer Concentrate, 32 oz

Avenger's active ingredient is d-limonene (citrus oil). It works by naturally stripping away the waxy cutile plants need to survive. It works quickly and is OMRI certified. It is a non-selective organic herbicide and can be used to get rid of weeds in mulch beds and rock ways. A great alternative to Glyphosate based products!

2. Bonide Burnout Weed and Grass Concentrate Killer, 32 oz

Burnout is another organic alternative to Glyphosate. It is a highly concentrated form of vinegar. It works the same way as Avenger by burning off plants' waxy cuticles. It will do the same to you, so make sure to wear a long sleeve shirt, pants, rubber gloves and boots. It's most effective on hot summer days.

3. Rainmaker Backpack Sprayer, 4-Gallon

You will want a cheaper backpack sprayer as both Avenger and Burnout are very corrosive and you'll only get so many uses out of whatever sprayer you purchase. If you limit the time the product is in the pack and thoroughly rinse with clean water after each use, you should get many seasons out of your Rainmaker.

4. Atlas Glove C620XL Extra Large Vinylove PVC Gloves

Don't forget your gloves! You don't want either of these products touching your bare skin. They are designed to burn the waxy cuticle off of plants and they will do the same to you without the proper safety equipment.

5. Tingley Rubber 31144 15-Inch Knee Boot, Size 10, Black

Make sure to rinse your Tingley boots off after you finish spraying. You will feel great knowing you did your part in limiting the use of Glyphosate!
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