Earthquake Preparedness

1906 & 1989 #neverforget

1. Hand Crank Radio/Flashlight

Key for being able to listen to your Top 40 hits and see in the dark at the same time.

2. First Aid Kit

Earthquakes can be dangerous. Never know when you'll need to dress a wound or remove a splinter.

3. Ready to Eat Meals

If they're good enough for our country's finest, they're good enough for you.

4. Vuvuzela

When you need to signal for help, you might as well go for the most mind-numbing sound currently known to man.

5. Dust mask


6. Solar-Powered Charger

Your phone/computer/tablet/iPad/Kindle/Nook/pager isn't going to charge itself.

7. Waterproof Matches

For starting fires when the gas is out. Or lighting candles to set the mood. Your call.

8. Fire Extinguisher

For when you inevitably need to put out a fire since you still don't understand how waterproof matches work.

9. Board Games

Gotta keep entertained somehow.

10. Moist Towelettes

The plumbing might not be working, but you're not a savage.

11. Wrench

For the dual purpose of turning off gas and water pipes, and serving as a stylish weapon for self-defense.
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