There's a Hippie in You

Relax and find your inner zen

1. Palo Santo Sticks

Set these guys aflame and enjoy.

2. Sage Sticks

No need to Call GhostBusters when you have your sage sticks on hands- rid your home of ghosts and demons by burning this fragrant flora. Dancing, chanting, and long flowing skirts optional. Bonus hippie points if you ash into an abalone shell (not pictured).

3. Singing Bowl

You'll get the hang of it. Then, meditate and ohm to your heart's (and third eye's) content.

4. Crystals, Crystals, Crystals

Good for headaches. And making the bedside table look awesome.

5. Tarot Deck

This deck is the classic, but there are many, many decks out there to suit your personal preferences/art styles. This is my personal favorite:

Pick one in the morning or before bed to ground your day. Or force conversation with a new pal or squeeze.

6. Lavender Gum

Tag line says everything about the target demographic: fragrance that refreshes after eating, smoking, or drinking. Detox, Retox.

7. Dr. Bronner's Soap

Don't read the label or watch the documentary if you want to feel okay about using this to scrub-a-dub-dub on the reg.

8. Palmistry and Phrenology

Mind and Mano Over Matter.

9. Dream Catcher

10. DIY Tie Dye

That's a lot of ay, ay, ay.

11. Veggie Cook Book

Even the meat-eaters keep this one on the shelf.

12. Yoga Mat Bag

Because you take your mat everywhere.

13. Teva

Don't knock 'em til you (re)try em!
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