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Surprising and/or Unfortunate Amazon Best Sellers

America likes weird stuff

1. Trump Hats

Do you remember when you first saw this hat? I don't either but I'm pretty sure I remember G.W. wearing it on that MISSION ACCOMPLISHED aircraft carrier. Whatever you think about The Donald, you have to admit the hat is kind of cool looking. And while you'd be funding his campaign by buying it on his site, it's cheap enough on Amazon that you can rest easy knowing that it's climbing it's way to the top of the charts.

2. Cards Against Humanity

I'll admit I'm a little surprised people are still buying this, but it seems to be holding strong at #1 at the top of the Toys category. As far as I can tell, sales are mostly driven by Cards Against Humanity taunting people into buying their stuff. Remember, these are the guys that are known for their Black Friday "sales", one of which charged $5 more, another of which shipped literal shit to their customers.

Lesson learned: the marketing equivalent of "I bet you won't eat that worm" is super effective.

3. Polaroid Film

THEY'RE BACK! I wish Amazon would give us the demographic breakdown of who's buying this stuff. I imagine it's the same crowd that's watching grainy Lana Del Rey videos but it's hard to know for sure. Perhaps young parents that want real pictures of their kids that aren't interspersed in galleries full of pocket shots and questionable decisions? It would be nice if Amazon could help us out with a Venn Diagram or two.

4. Hamilton!

I'll admit, when I first heard the concept of the super popular broadway play Hamilton, I didn't get it. And I still don't. And I probably won't anytime soon because tickets cost $1000.

I guess I'll read whatever this is and get back to you.

5. Unidentifiable

This real world representation of an Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader contestant's best guess rendering of the Bohr Model is Cards Against Humanity's biggest competition.

Unclear if it's for animals or small humans.

6. You gotta spend money to make money...

... but I have my doubts in this case. Coming in near the top of the Collectible Coins category is this tastefully presented pile of leave-a-pennies. Sold for $15.99 + shipping a pound (I've done you the favor of Googling -- 145 pennies).

7. Neon toilet night lights

Perfectly captures the feeling of stepping onto that Virgin America flight back from Vegas. The #1 Best Seller in Home + Kitchen screams class.

8. Cones?

This one confused me at first as these "cones" are #1 in Frozen Foods and apparently made of hemp, which seems like a tough sell. Then I read the reviews. Duh.

9. Rainbow Bracelets

Snapchat inspired, this little guy is crushing it with tweens everywhere and at the top of the Jewelry department. If it does in fact glow in the dark then I'm all for it.

10. Corsets

Though it might be hard to believe due to the 3rd-grade-level photoshop, this product is the #1 BEST SELLER in Amazon's clothing category. That means Amazon is selling literally thousands daily -- so chances are good that someone in the elevator with you has one of these guys keeping them snug.
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