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We encourage our clients to begin journaling when they first arrive, as part of the reflection and healing process. After their first meeting with a case manager, clients look through the journals that have been made by the volunteers, pick the one that speaks most to them and then carry that journal with them on their journey.
Example journals

Listed below are supplies we've found to be popular in the past, but only must-haves are the notebooks. Feel free to add your own spin to decoration supplies (stickers, glitter, fun tape, etc).
A few more examples

If you do decide to contribute to the program, it would be an added bonus if you purchase one or more of your items through the links below as La Casa has partnered with Amazon and receives a small percentage of each sale -- meaning you can be doubly effective in your contribution.

If you do order through Amazon, please select the "Send as Gift" option and include your name and email in the "personalized note" field and ship the supplies directly to La Casa:

La Casa De Las Madres,
1663 Mission St #225,
San Francisco, CA 94103

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