Top 10 Things to bring if you're skiing in the Northeast

What?? My Epic pass works at Stowe?

Just realized your Vail Epic Pass works at Stowe but have never skied the east? Here's what you need. It's cold, windy, and icy out here.

1. Made in VT Ski Socks

In VT, we make beer, cheese, and high quality socks that come with a lifetime guarantee.

2. Renoun Skis

Made in Vermont by Vermonters. There's a theme here. But seriously, these skis rock.

3. Smith Helmet

We like to go fast. Stay safe out there.

4. Mammut Ski Jacket

Alright alright maybe not made in VT, but Mammut's North American headquarters are just up the road in Burlington.

5. Head-Topper Tin Tacker

Not really something you need to ski, but may as well pick one up when you come. the Alchemist is more or less on the mountain.

6. Ice Tool

There a lot of ice up here....on the slopes and off so when you can't figure how to keep up with the rest of us, feel free to give up and go ice climbing instead.
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