Celeste Berg

Greatest Hits and Biggest Misses by Lululemon and Prana

Stuff you can't live without, and should probably live without.

This is quite simply the most comfortable and flattering top. Good for yoga, climbing...not quite enough support for running, if you know what I mean.
Similarly comfortable and stylish, but DEFINITELY not enough support for running...
The only pants I'll climb in outside. My only complaint is that the buttons on the girls version are far less durable than those on the guys version - what, women don't need durability too?

These are, quite simply, the best. Comfortable, stylish, and warm.

C'mon, anyone can see that this is the sexiest bra ever. It may also be the most comfortable.

These are totally great, but they are far from shapely. A hit to me, but a miss to my BF. He calls them my snow pants.

This dress may be my favorite article of clothing. Has the effect: "You know who’s one of the great beauties of the world, according to everybody?" She's got the best body and everyone knows it. (look it up) I wear this dress to work nearly every day.

I'm mixed on these though I own a couple of pairs. Beware that if you buy a sizze that's small enough at the waist, they will put the SHORT in shorts.

Love this dress. Wore it to a wedding and I thought I looked pretty classy.

This might be a miss, though I do wear my often. It is overpriced, stretches easily, and is not warm at all. (That's obvious, but still).

This THE quintessential Lulu legging. I'm just gonna say it: it makes your ass look amazing.

I'd say this is a hit. Wears well, and fits nicely. I have the white and miraculously, it has stayed white.

Okay, that's enough for now. I embarrassingly have lots more articles of clothing from the GREATEST companies. to be added later.

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