Sam Jackson

Top Pendleton Picks 2017

My favorite apparel and accessories from Pendleton in 2017

Pendleton has been in the wool business for over one hundred years, and their quality is as high as ever. I love their Native American inspired patterns, and their aesthetic embodies that Northwest, Twin Peaks-esque vibe.

1. Canvas Backpack

Love the patterns and quality leather

2. Vista Ridge Skirt

Simple and conservative, yet still very cool. This reminds me of Donna from Twin Peaks.

3. Shearling Coat

Amazing all around, and incredibly warm

4. National Treasures Hat

The embroidery on this hat makes it special

5. Messenger Bag

I'd much rather be rocking this than a Chrome messenger bag.

6. Surf Hoodie

Summer is right around the corner, you'll want to be bonfire ready with this hoodie.

7. Rolling Duffel

This turquoise bag has a great Southwestern feel to it

8. Bonded Knit Cape

A great way to stay warm this spring.

9. Glacier Park Blanket

So simple, yet so good.

10. Hooded Towel

This one's just for fun!

11. Dopp Purse

Amazing patterns on this purse
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