South Park Merch That Doesn't Suck

20 years in the making

Merchandising, merchandising! There's a lot of garbage out there, but fortunately there are still a few gems in the pile. Tap product image for details.

1. Heavy Metal Parody in Van Gogh Aesthetic Painting

Holy shit, museum worthy stuff right here

2. Kyle Broflovski Cosplay Hat

Ok, not actually South Park merch. The hat manufacturer is probably Chinese and has no idea that it's sitting on a gold mine.

3. Chef Car Decal

Not sure if this makes you more or less likely to get rear-ended, but I like it.

4. Tasteful Member Berries Poster

'Member member berries?

5. South Park Monopoly

Pricey, but worth it.

6. South Park Chess Set

Kennys for pawns, Chefs for kings. Makes sense.

7. Medicinal Fried Chicken Refrigerator Magnet

Great way to save Christmas cards from family, never lose a wedding invitation or report card again.

8. Glow in the Dark Professor Chaos Figurine

Peak Butters, peak 2002

9. The Stick of Truth Sweater

You are Douchebag, Douchebag is you

10. South Park Christmas Ornaments

'Tis no longer the season, but there's always next year!
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