Gail Rathers

Choosing the Best Adult Weighted Blanket For You

The best blanket for every use case

Though most often employed as therapy for children on the autistic spectrum, weighted blankets can be extremely helpful for people of all ages, on and off the spectrum, in mitigating stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

Weighted blankets work by putting pressure on touch receptors, helping the body relax and providing a sense of safety and security, much like a warm hug.

They can be a little pricey, so it's important to get the blanket that's right for you. For your convenience, I've put together the best options available for each use case, all purchasable through Amazon for the lowest prices and fastest shipping.

If you're looking for a blanket to sleep under:
Go with the Lifetime Sensory Solutions blanket, it comes in a variety of weights and is sized for bed use. Aesthetically, it's miles ahead of other options.

If you're looking for a blanket to travel with or use on the couch:
Get the Sommerfly Travel Blanket. Perfect for on the plane or in the car, you can easily attach it around the neck so that it won't fall off while in a seated position (or in front of the tv!).

If you are looking for something cheap, but effective:
Check out the Sensory Goods Large blanket. It's available in many weights and sizes, all under $200. It also comes in a variety of different colors, including denim, which doesn't look half bad!
Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy all of the benefits that a weighted blanket can bring in the near future!
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