Running Wild

5 Must Have Items for Runners

Gear to get you moving

Essential gear and accessories for any serious runner

1. Garmin GPS Watch

Most runners will start by carrying your phone, but to really get the best out of yourself you need to cut the proverbial cord and level up to a GPS watch. Fortunately Garmin watches sync with all major fitness tracking apps, so you'll never need to worry about losing a workout.

2. Body Glide

Body glide is a must have once you start adding longer runs, especially if it's at all rainy. Apply liberally and never worry about chafing again.

3. A Pair of Hokas

Hokas get a lot of flak, but here's the bottom line: they prevent injury. While you might feel like you are running in moon boots, it's a great idea to have a pair around for easy runs (or everyday if you are more injury prone).

4. The Stick

Sore? Roll it out with The Stick. Guaranteed to help you recover faster from a tough workout or race and relieve that next day soreness.

5. Motivation

There is no book that better captures the competitive runner's psyche than "Once A Runner." Read this when you are down on training, or before a big race for a huge mental boost.
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