10 Things to Help You Just Embrace What's Actually Your Life


1. A Weighted Blanket

Yes, these are for autistic kids. Yes, they are weighted so that it feels like someone is hugging them. Yes, you probably need it too.

2. Awkward Family Photos

Flip through this whenever you have to and be thankful that this isn't your life. Unless it is. In which case, sorry.

3. Onesie

This onesie is *almost* passable as leaving-the-house attire. Of course, it's not, but at least it means half the laundry to fold. Not that you fold.

4. A Big F*cking Puzzle

Get those dirty dishes off the table, grab a pint of Fireball, put on some Todd Terje and start puzzling. You literally won't be able to think of anything else until you finish, which is for the best.

5. Drank

This horse is you, you are this horse.

6. Pusheen Plushy

This guy can be your best friend. Maybe don't put him in the bedroom though, or you're just asking for an awkward moment of eye contact.

7. Swedish Fish

💯 for Swedish Fish. And yea, Family Size is a must -- 1.9 lbs!

8. Friends, Season 1 to Infinity

Slip into the sweet sweet mindless bliss that is Friends

9. Dat Boi Socks

Everyone needs a dank meme or two to get them through the day.

10. This Sticker

Pizza. PBR. Illuminati. Priceless.
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