Throwback school supplies

You were way more organized in third grade

1. Trapper Keeper

Always loved these. And will never forget the sound of 30 velcro-sealed trapper keepers opening at the same time.

2. Pencil Box

I never understood why these were ribbed on the top. Or why you needed as many pencils as this box can fit. Glad to see they're still selling them, though.

3. Three Hole Punch

You needed these in order to put stuff in your trapper keeper, yet somehow not everyone had one. Asking to borrow the three hole punch was the elementary school equivalent of bumming a cigarette.

4. One Hole Punch

So much worse than the three hole punch.

5. "Reinforcement Labels"

I couldn't remember what these were actually called because we always referred to them as "paper assholes".

6. Three Ring Binder

The poor man's trapper keeper.

7. Floppy Three Ring Binder

The poorer man's three ring binder.

8. Crayola Crayons

A classic.

9. Stapler

The most dangerous and therefore most fun item in your backpack.

10. Apple eMate

Can't believe you can still buy one of these.
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