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JUSTICE for all

Remembering † and getting your Justice on

Justice, the love-em or hate-em french electronic duo, recently came out with a new album, Woman. While I'd like to say that it's good, I can't muster more than a meh. Though a few tracks stood out in my listen (ex. Alakazam !), I spent far more time re-listening to their 2007 album (Cross).

And fuck, it's good.

There was literally nothing cooler in 2007 than Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay looking like dirty French gods and dropping unbelievably heavy tracks from behind their massive fluorescent cross.

Recalling that image led me to put together a few Justice style essentials, which looks uncomfortably like my college wardrobe.

1. † vinyl

Start with the music. is very cohesive album and great in vinyl format.

2. Obligatory leather jacket

You can't be a French dj without a leather jacket. Stick to shiny double rider jackets (if you don't know what a double rider jacket is, see style guide here)

3. Denim alternative

Gaspard prefers leather, Xavier prefers denim. Your move.

4. Retro glasses

See here, here, here.

5. Metallica t-shirt, preferably self-referential

An ...and Justice for All t-shirt is pretty appropriate, given the metal influence on Justice's music, and also, Justice. See Xavier in Metallica T

6. A big fucking cross, because again, self-referential

The cross is a huge part of Justice's imagery, it gives them weight and an ominous element. So naturally it should be displayed wherever possible, including in 3" inch gold necklaces.

7. Skinny Jeans


8. Oh-so French Adidas

Nothing like white shoes and skinny jeans, plus national pride. Nice shot of Gaspard in some similar high tops.

9. Norwegian Sweater

Sometimes it's just not appropriate to wear a leather jacket. This is when the Norwegian sweater comes in, and of course looks great with aforementioned skinny jeans and kicks. Looks like a happy couple!
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