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Bike Lights for Late Nights

Don't get caught in the dark

Daylight saving time is over, and so is the time for biking around without lights. Stay safe and have fun with the best lights available.

1. The Best Headlight

The Light & Motion Urban 350 wins on multiple fronts: it's bright, has amazing battery life, and perhaps most importantly, is extremely easy to mount and stays put. No more struggling to get the fit right. As a bonus, it sports amber sidelights to improve your perpendicular visibility.

2. The Best Taillight

Like the best headlight, the Cygolite Hotshot 50 crushes the essentials (battery life, visibility) and earns bonus points for ease of installation. You can't go wrong here.

3. The Best Spoke Lights

Revolights are a series of LEDs and sensors that mount spokes and create "blades" of light ahead and behind the bike. Revolights sensor technology has improved to the point that they detect braking and automatically flash the taillight, and if you buy the bluetooth enabled version, you can use your phone to activate turn signals. All around pretty snazzy, though they will set you back more than the other options here.

4. The Most Fun Spoke Lights

Like Revolights, Monkey Lights install on the spokes and light up to create patterns as the wheels spin. Unlike Revolights, these Monkey Lights take themselves a little less seriously and come pre-programmed with 42 different patterns to choose from (options include spider, rocket ship, skull and cross bones, and a lot more). While they might not be as safety oriented as other options, they'll definitely turn some heads.

5. The Best Valve Caps

If you are missing valve caps, or just want to spice things up a bit, these caps are for you. They are motion activated and light sensitive (so they'll only turn on when moving and it's dark), fit both Presta and Schrader, and have a ridiculously long battery life. And you can't beat the price.
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