Jeff Mahoney

5 Books You Should Be Reading Post-election

Understanding how we got here and where we might go next

1. Listen, Liberal (2016)

In his first book, What’s the Matter With Kansas? (2004), author Thomas Frank excoriated Republicans for rounding up the working class vote by championing social issues while focusing the near entirety of their fiscal efforts on helping the rich.

In Listen, Liberal, he's back to deliver a message to liberal elites: that the party once seen as that of the American worker has become that of the well-educated "professional-managerial class," that operates on the principle of "you get what you deserve, and what you deserve is defined by how you did in school."

Worth reading in considering the path forward for the Democratic party.

2. Hillbilly Elegy (2016)

Hillbilly Elegy is an eloquent account of growing up in a poor town in Appalachia and offers some deep insight into the struggles of poor, white America. Author J.D. Vance has the rare perspective of coming up in such an environment, yet going on to receive a degree from Yale law and becoming a frequent New York Times contributor.

The American Conservative conducted an excellent interview with J.D. Vance about his book here.

3. The Populist Explosion (2016)

Brexit, Trump, Sanders -- populism is on the rise on both the right and the left on the global stage. The Population Explosion explores the trends underlying these movements and applies historical context to help understand where they came from and where they might be going.

A quick and incisive read on the rapidly changing global political landscape.

4. The Art of the Deal (1987)

This is the book to help understand the psychology and methodology of our President-elect and soon to be leader of the free world. While self-promotional, The Art of the Deal nonetheless exposes the Trumpian ideology that will be an essential part of American policy and politics for years to come.

5. Necessary Trouble (2016)

In Necessary Trouble, author Sarah Jaffe explores the activist movements that have erupted over the last decade, from the Tea Party to Black Lives Matter. Traveling all over the country, Jaffe accompanies activists in an effort to better understand what they are angry about and what they're doing about it.

Necessary Trouble is not only key to understanding this election cycle, but also key to consider in shaping the ideology of both parties moving forward.
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