Sam Jackson

State of the Union: 6/13/16

What's new with RogueCart

This is the first of what I hope will become a series of semi-regular updates on the state of RogueCart. While most companies (using the term "company" loosely) might publish updates on a separate blog domain, I figure since RogueCart is essentially a blogging platform I might as well just publish it here.

As you can see looking around the site today, it's in a pretty nascent state. Essentially all of the content has been written by me, and there are still a number of important features missing before we'll be in a good state to bring on content authors en masse.

Near term product features:
  • Image uploading and embed capability
  • Comments for content
  • Likes for products/content
Product features on the horizon:
  • Sign on via platforms outside of Facebook
  • Ability to suggest items as additions to collections + lists
  • Analytics on content (# of views, # of peoples reading entire piece, product click-throughs, etc)
Technical stuff in the works:
  • Caching layer in front of the DB
  • Reduced JS payload
  • Saner API endpoints
If you have any comments, questions, suggestions about what's going on, let me know at sam at

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