Simone BO

Dear Santa,

Stuff I want my parents to buy me but am bad at asking for...

1. Energy Gels

Because long runs in Nola are a little less unpleasant with fuel...
(And I'm willing to overlook the pretentious use of an umlaut because they don't taste terrible.)

2. Yoga Mat Towel

Yes, I bought the cheapest yoga mat on Amazon. Predictably, it has no traction. Now I'm in need of a mat towel to maintain a pose, so that I don't have to keep pretending that I totally meant to slip off my mat.

3. GPS Watch

Why are these still so expensive??? Whatever. I'm tired of running with my phone to keep track of mileage.

4. Coffee Grinder

I broke mine and I miss the taste of freshly ground beans :(

5. Loose leaf tea

Even without a coffee grinder, I still probably drink too much coffee. So a New Year's resolution will be to try my best to enjoy tea.

6. Pre-order Kindle Book

So I can put it on my coffee table and imagine I have time to read for pleasure.

7. Sunscreen

Because the NYTimes tells me I should wear sunscreen.

8. Kombucha Kit

This project could get a little gnarly and I should set reasonable expectations, but I'm thinking of brewing my own kombucha.

9. Rainbow of pens

Colorful notes help me remember things about medicine and stuff.

10. Hiking Backpack

It's been on the list for too long. Also, I need a durable bag for biking in the rain down here.
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