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Synthwave Vibes

nocturnal neon

For those of you that are unfamiliar, synthwave is musical genre that's half 80s arcade, half French electro. If you've seen Drive, you've heard some synthwave. Kavinsky's "Nightcall" is probably the best known song of the style, but if you're going to listen to some Kavinsky I think Wayfarer is a better example.

What I really like about the genre is how strongly it couples aesthetic and worldview with the music. Drawing heavily on the themes from dystopian classics like Tron, Escape from New York, and Bladerunner, artists have created personas and art around their work that helps transport their listeners to a different place.

This collection includes inspirations for the music, the music itself, and a few things that embody the synthwave vibe.

Also... while The Strokes are decidedly not a synthwave band, their visuals for "Drag Queen" gets the vibe right.
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