Brie's Black Friday Wishlist


1. Creepers. CREEPERS.

Like brrap, brrap, brrap! Rihanna designed these bad boys for Puma and they've got the pricetag to show it. More importantly, I've been waiting for platforms to come back in style for *so long.*

2. Grimm's Fairy Tales

The friendly purple cover doesn't match the deeply disturbing content that comprises Grimm's fairy tales. Fingers crossed I get to leave this one on the coffee table for an unsuspecting guest.

3. Sweet Projector

I haven't had a television in my apartment for the last 5 years. Can I still claim this much if I have a projector?

4. Matisse Cut-Outs

5. Cass McCombs- Mangy Love

Long time Cass McCombs fan- he just keeps pumping out good stuff.

6. Almost-Retro Ski Jacket

7. More Creepers!

Also like brrap, brrap, brrap!
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