Sam Jackson

Black Friday Wishlist

All the things I really want but am too cheap to buy

1. Orvis Cords

I don't know anything about this company, but I bought one of their pullovers on a whim a few years ago, loved it, then left it on an airplane. Need to replace ASAP.

2. Ipod Shuffle

Yes, I want an Ipod Shuffle. Yes, I think they still make them. I don't like running with my phone, ok?

3. Talking Heads -- Remain in Light

I haven't bought any records in a while, but I think this would be a good deep cut to add to the collection. Favorite track.

4. The Atlantic

The Atlantic kind of came out of nowhere this year for me; I've been loving their election pieces. And since most everyone seems to have extra copies of the New Yorker lying around, The Atlantic is about the only magazine subscription I'd go for these days.

5. Socks!

As a kid, socks were the worst present. Not anymore. Now socks are the best.

6. Knockarounds

At $15, this is the top of my price range for sunglasses as I lose them so frequently. A 3-pack might be the way to go.

7. Angel Olsen -- MY WOMAN

Yes, I like Angel Olsen. I tried consulting this guide to find out if that makes me a lesbian, but I'm still unsure. Favorite track.

8. Tools

I don't know where all my tools have disappeared to, but all of my stuff is falling apart and I can't fix it. Where the hell did all my hex wrenches go???

9. Supra Vaiders

I've talked about Vaiders before on RogueCart, what can I say I've got a real hard-on for them. I do wish they had some in white with green trim though...

10. Tour quality beach volleyball

I'm sick of playing with $12 rubber balls from the bin in the back of the Walmart Toys department. Time to level up.
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