SADs got you down?

Try blinding yourself while you sleep with computer peripherals

Need more light in your life to cast away the woes? You could venture outside more during the day, but we all know the difficulties involved with that. Try sleeping with more lights in your room, this list is the first step towards a better, more Shining life!

1. Soothing night light

You've always wanted a better WiFi signal in your room, so this is an easy first purchase. The calming blinking bright LEDs will lull you to sleep as soon as your netflix obsession subsides enough for your eyes to close. Has the added bonus of looking like a face sucker from Aliens as well.

2. Can't see the keys? Now you can! In Colors!

A product line that started with RGB illuminated type writers, the Corsair Gaming STRAFE RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Backlit Multicolor LED and Cherry MX RED switches is a fine continuation of a proud family. The pulsating glow of the colors will surely be a welcome addition to any bedroom, plus since the colors are customizable, you can really spice up your bedroom life.

3. Easy to find mouse!

Remember back in the day, to find a mouse you'd have to set out a mouse trap? Not anymore, with this bright RGB LED cable mouse, you can always find it in an instant! You can sure sleep easy knowing exactly where your mouse is.

4. Your brightest fan isn't your mother anymore

What more can I say, this one does it all.

5. This is a mousepad that brightly glows

I really can't even think of a single reason why anyone would buy this besides its functionality as a night light. Natural fit.

6. For the drunks in us that can't find the cable in the dark

Also bonus of adding mobile sensual LED lighting to your room.
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