Sam Jackson

Japanese Sci-Fi and Surrealism of the 70's and 80's

Compilation books

These books compile the best works of some of the most prolific illustrators in history, Japanese or otherwise. These artists played a crucial role in shaping the visual style of science fiction, and their work is beyond awesome.

The books are in Japanese, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words so it shouldn't be a big deal. Links included to Google Image search of the artist on each item for convenience.

1. Noriyoshi Ohrai

Ohrai Noriyoshi was THE premier illustrator of Japanese sci-fi movie posters in the 80's, and created the illustrations for Star Wars, Godzilla, and more. Quick look here.

2. Shusei Nagaoka

Shushei Nagaoka is most famous for the album art he created on behalf of various artists, including ELO, Earth Wind And Fire, and Deep Purple. His style is very sci-fi and surreal, often featuring futuristic spaceships and geometric patterns. Quick look here.

3. Tadanori Yokoo

Tadanori Yokoo has been called the "Japanese Andy Warhol" by some, and it's certainly true that his work is tinged by a certain psychedelic sensibility, though he doesn't quite fit into the Pop Art bucket. Quick look here.

4. Kazumasa Nagai

Working primarily with posters, Nagai's early work was highly abstract, but as his career progressed he moved into surrealism, and later, designs of animals and plants. His work is extremely diverse; you can get a quick look at it here.
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