Sam Jackson

Coloring Books That Don't Suck

NOT secret garden

Seriously, NOT Secret Garden. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's for the best. What you should know is this: adult coloring books are hot right now, and there are a of bad eggs. Grab a beer or three and stick to the books on this list and you can enjoy this fad without experiencing crippling regret/embarrassment in the near future.

Suggestions welcome... but will be harshly judged.

1. Thrill Murray

Featuring illustrations from many different artists of his many films, one reviewer calls this book "a bit odd/eclectic with creepy drawings." Sounds right on. It also features full color prints alongside the empty outline pages so you can compare your crappy work to the original. Love it!

2. Color Me Drunk

This is half coloring book, half activity/sketch book. Activities include:
  • practice making 'regrettable' tattoos
  • wino bingo
  • draw a Picasso-style portrait of a friend
Seems like a great time waster for a rainy afternoon at the bar or otherwise.

3. Sugar Skull Coloring Book

Sugar skulls are traditional offerings for the dead on Dia de los Muertos in Mexico. They are also crazy, colorful and fun. Read more about 'em here.

4. Bun B's Rap Coloring and Activity Book

Bun B, of UGK and Int'l Playerz Anthem fame, made a coloring book. And it's awesome. As one reviewer writes:
If there were a Pulitzer Prize for books containing colorless images of rappers, Shea Serrano would win it. While some activities are simple (I knew it was a beard on Action Bronson even before connecting the dots), others are truly thought provoking and deeply philosophical.
I want to be connecting the dots on Action Bronson's beard NOW!!

5. Dinosaurs with Jobs

Dinosaurs pretending to be people. Hard to go wrong.
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