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Men's Leather Jacket Style Guide

Double Rider Racer Bomber

Leather jackets are expensive. If you want one of even middling quality, you'll be spending at least $500 dollars. On the plus side, a good quality jacket should last the rest of your life, which is why choosing a style is important -- you're going to have this thing for a long time.

If you don't already own a leather jacket, get your feet wet by checking out the styles below and start thinking about what kind you'll be picking up when you do have that extra $500 saved. And if you already have that $500 saved, you can't go wrong with any of the jackets listed here -- these are some of the best of the best.

1. The Double Rider

This is the classic American style, popularized by Marlon Brando in The Wild One. The zipper is usually off to the side, often at an angle, and belts and wide lapels are the norm.

2. The Racer/Moto

The simplest and most streamlined of styles. Racer jackets usually have little to no collar and minimal frills. They often come in brighter colors than some of the other styles listed here.

3. The Bomber

Bomber jackets were originally designed to keep pilots warm when flying at high altitude in unpressurized cabins. Typically they have a thick liner and deep pockets for keeping hands warm. Bombers are the most popular of the styles listed here.

4. The Shearling Bomber

A common variation on the bomber jacket, the shearling bomber features sheepskin liner and collar for even greater warmth. You won't be cold in one of these!

5. The Exotic

Leather jackets are made from the hides of a number of different animals, from cow to goat. While the most popular material is lambskin (as it is extremely soft and pliable), there are other options out there, like the python skin jacket above. They'll cost you though, and are unlikely to offer the durability that more traditional hides like cow and horse do.
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