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As Featured in Trinidad James' Music Video, All Gold Everything

Exactly what you think it is

If you haven't heard the song or seen the video for Trinidad James' 2012 classic, "All Gold Everything", do yourself a favor and watch it right now.

Is this a good song? No. Is it Trinidad James' best song? Absolutely. Will you be able to forget the opening lines of the chorus?

Gold all in my chain
Gold all in my rang
Gold all in my watch
Don't believe me just watch

I certainly haven't. And yes he does rhyme watch with watch, and continues on to do it repeatedly. But what's even less forgettable than the lyrics is the video featuring James wearing a leopard fur jacket with no shirt, riding a gold bike, replete with gold rangs, chains, and teeth.

If I had any balls at all, here's what I'd be rocking from the video.

1. That shirt

I'd immediately cut all of the buttons off so I could I wouldn't be tempted to button them ever

2. Those sunglasses

Dope dope dope -- he actually wears a few different pairs in the video, proving that when you're paid sunglasses ain't no thang. I'd wear these though.

3. Trinidad & Tobago Bandana

Repping name AND country

4. Chains chains chains

This was hard. James appears to be wearing exclusively huge Chanel knockoff chains, which, probably, don't sell on Amazon due to being illegal. This thing is kind of close though.

5. Earrings

Need to get my other ear pierced for this but SIGN ME UP!

6. Tory Burch shoes?

This is a little weird, but these are what he's wearing (or close enough). Not sure what to make of it.

7. The Freshest Watch

Gold band, square black face. Too fresh.

8. Ring #1

9. Ring #2

10. Red jeans

Cool. What's not cool is the veiny arms in this photo -- what's up with that? Really distracting.

11. A girls bicycle



For the bike, teeth, and anything else that needs the Midas touch. To be bought in bulk.
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