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There Are Too Many Special Editions of Monopoly

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I realized the other day that I have never finished a game of Monopoly. While this is probably true of most people, I feel as though this is a personal shortcoming. So I thought I'd buy myself a set, a six-pack of the cheapest beer around, and round up a few of my less intelligent friends (because why play if you can't win?) to do the deed.

Turns out, I never got past phase one due to crippling indecision over what "special edition" to buy. THERE ARE SO MANY! Law Enforcement AND Firefighter editions? Lord of The Rings AND Star Wars?! How the hell do I decide between Pokemon and WWII??

The strength of the field, barring a few flops**, made me reconsider attempting game completion, and instead I've decided to go back to never playing Monopoly, AKA to continue never playing Monopoly. Since I got nothing else out of this experience, I've created the bellow collection to illustrate my point and generally to humor myself. Because it would take literally years to track down all of the editions on Amazon, I've limited this collection to some of the better Hasbro versions I found, but if you find others that you like, please suggest and I'll add 'em.

Without further ado, here they are, roughly in order of desirability.

** The QVC edition. Sorry QVC, but actually fuck your edition. Why does it exist????

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