Sam Jackson

My Everyday Carry

At least there's money in the wallet

It seems like everyday carry is pretty popular right now -- the subreddit appears to be thriving, and has an active community around it as well. For those of you who don't know, your everyday carry, or EDC, is what you have in your pockets or bag on a daily basis.
In the best case, this is a carefully curated collection of useful, essential, and stylish items, handpicked to enable it's owner to overcome every obstacle and look good doing it.
In the worse case, the carrier has no bag or pockets and probably isn't too worried about color coordinating his wallet and phone case.
I may be closer to the latter than the former, but lets go through the exercise for fun anyway.
  1. Bottle opener that says "BUTTE BEER IS BETTER BEER"
  2. 3 keys of unknown origin
  3. Broken car transponder
  4. 2 tokens to the carwash
  5. Cards/DL/etc
I'm impressed too.
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