Ford Smith

Creeking Essentials


Looking to push your comfort level? These five pieces of gear are the key to success! Just don't forget to bring your big boy pants and a bomber roll.

1. Dagger Nomad

Boof bigger and punch harder with the new Nomad from Dagger. Great for steep creeks and even steeper drops!

2. Werner Powerhouse

Stay on line and get more speed with the Werner's best creeking paddle. On committing runs, your paddle will be your best friend, so choose wisely.

3. Sweet Protection Rocker

The bigger you go the bigger the potential carnage. Keep your brain bucket in one piece with Sweet's Rocker helmet. If you want to be extra safe, you can also opt for the full face version.

4. Astral Green Jacket

Stay afloat when shit hits the fan and you are forced to exit your vehicle. The chest harness and added safety features are game changers for emergency rescues.

5. Immersion Research Lucky Charm

Don't let a bungy skirt keep you from paddling off taller stouts. The rand system will keep you from imploding and out of the beater reels. Stay dry and stay lucky my friend!
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