I wish it were foggy again

Things I want to do inside without feeling guilty

1. Record Player

More satisfying than playing music from the computer. Plus, I'm not tempted to compulsively check fivethirtyeight.

2. Fairy Tales

No need to feel guilty about never finishing that Murakami book. These stories will be familiar, but not exactly as you remember them. This + pretty drawings makes for easy reading.

3. Puzzle

Only invite friends you are comfortable losing.

4. Popcorn, Your Way

Try all kinds of spices. Even sugar. Even hot sauce.

5. Ice Pops

All the benefits of frozen fruit juice. None of the freezer burn.

6. Color

It's really a lot better with fancy markers so treat yo' self.

7. Light Candle - Dyptique Only!

Smell that $62 wax burn and know that you are worth it.

8. Lotion

Lather. Lather. Lather. Repeat.

9. Robe All Day

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