Sam Jackson

Frat Mason Checklist

Indian Summer Is Here

According to SFGate, August was colder than February in 2016, which, brutal. FORTUNATELY, Indian Summer is upon us, and what better way to celebrate the end of Fogust than gold ol' fashioned bro-down at Frat Mason*??

Here's some stuff to help you get started. As always, suggestions welcome.

*somewhere deep in the meadows of GG park works too if you'd understandably like to reduce the chances of running into anyone you know

1. Chillbo Baggins Inflatable "Lounge Bag"

You've seen these things around. I have no idea if they are comfortable or not, but we're going for vibe here. Also, there are a million manufacturers of these things, but "Chillbo Baggins" sounds about right.

2. Spikeball

Of course! Again, I'm speaking from no experience, but it's the most fun you'll have all day, unless you get...

3. A volleyball net!

Finally something I know a thing or two about! You really don't want to skimp on quality here, as net crashing tends to get pretty aggressive as the day goes on and you don't want to the whole set up down. Pro tip: you can buy just the net, and use some 2x4s and rope for the poles if you want to go cheaper.

4. Baby grill

Not to grill babies, I just mean a small grill. You want to be able to carry it around and toss it in the Uber if you need to.

5. Coozies

Keep that beer cold and show some San Fransisco pride! And avoid an open container (not that that's really a thing in this city as far as I can tell) if you leave the park.

6. Ray Bans

Don't even think about getting the off brand version for one tenth the price. You're in the Marina for Christ's sake!

7. The right shorts

Anything short and pastel-y will do. Don't worry about a shirt, you won't be needing one.
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