Sam Jackson

Catch of the Day: 6/6/2016

Poler Napsack

I'd never heard of Poler until a couple weeks ago when I ran into a friend at a beach bonfire wearing one of their hats. At first, given the scene and the sloppy logo, I though the hat was custom made, but when my girlfriend forwarded me a link to one of their parkas a couple weeks later, I realized I had been bamboozled.

Though I haven't been lauded for my "style" or "taste" in the past, and Poler seems to be inhabiting a "hipster outdoorsman" niche squarely outside my comfort zone of huge basketball shorts and t-shirts from Goodwill, I figured I'd see what else they've got going on. I've got some camping coming up and my mom would appreciate me at least being well dressed if I get eaten by a bear.

And that's how I found this gem:

It's a sleeping bag and jacket in one! This image doesn't really do the thing justice though. For a real treat, click through to see the model's less than amused expression in the bonus images.
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