Sam Jackson

Dream Lawn


I don't have a lawn now, but I hope to one day. This is the lawn of my dreams.

1. Welcome planters

Resting horses flank a long wooden boardwalk through lush green grass up to the front door. Fruits, vegetables, and spices grow out their backs, a Garden of Eden.

2. Floating duck house

Around back is a large lilied pond. In the middle floats my duck's home, complete with ramp and rain hat.

3. Cannibal bird

I've always hated goldfinches, so mounted on the pergola above my blue stone patio is a large cannibal finch.

4. Security

I keep a washing machine in the front yard next to the planters so no one fucks with me.

5. Enormous Hammock + Babe

Poolside, there is an enormous hammock, at least 10 feet wide, with a beautiful woman in it. She gets out when I want to use it.
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