Asian Beauty Products that Would Never Get FDA Approval

We hope

1. Face Slimmer

“Because the muscle loosens, it is effectively because of physical exercise effective in the face exercise bath.”

2. Smile Maker

“Smile Maker stretches the muscles on the lips end and this could help you to have a brighter smile and a good impression.”

3. Face Condom / Lucha Libre Mask

"Prevent loose skin sagging cheeks and protruding checkbone"

4. Face Cellulite Remover

Roll the cellulite out of your face.

5. Nose Shaping Clip

“Clip up may feel breathing a little hard, but in order that beautiful become warped nose beauty who had to endure.”

6. Sleeve Shaper

“I’m not sure if this works or not…” Well, we say try it ANYWAY!

7. Shank Shaper

“Special use for Shank to say No to elephant legs”
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